A little about us

Since Fredvang Beach and Archery Campaign opened the gate in July 1990, many tens of thousands of tourist cars have rolled in and out. The campsite is the largest in Flakstad, and can accommodate around 150 units. Owners and drivers have always been Per K. Johansen and his son Bjørn Erik. And the location of the place has, as they say on their billboard: "Idyllic location towards midnight sun".

Over the years, the space has expanded little by little. There are now around 50 power outlets for motorhomes and caravans, and here is also the municipality's only disposal station for car toilet. Down by the beach is a large floating dock with several boats with or without motor for rent for the guests. The reception building has a kiosk and café with satellite TV and panoramic views of the camping area and the evening sky. In the service building there are toilets, showers and laundry rooms.

And of course, more must be done to keep the place in this order. Bjørn Erik (t.v.) has both wife Zorisha and his sons Svein Richard (t.h.) and Yngve in full work during the hectic summer season. Bjørn Erik pursues plans for upgrading the site, developing the service building, perhaps asphalting the driveway and the square in front of the service building. The idea of ​​some cabins is also there.